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Art + Feminism // Wikipedia, Representation & Art

Can you name five women artists? Off the top of your head, no Googling or asking a friend. Put that smartphone away, please. No cheating. Take a minute. It is okay if their names do not fly to the forefront of your mind immediately. I’ll wait. If you can name five women artists, go ahead…

Artist Spotlight || Gabriela Reis

As an extension of our Women to Watch series, Boshemia introduces Gabriela Reis, a feminist artist, writer, and musician based in Shepherdstown, W.V. Her politically-charged body of work challenges internalized racism and Western standards of beauty while amplifying representation of minority women. She works in ink, acrylics, and coffee. You can find more of Gabi’s work in IG @femart_indigo.

Women to Watch: Singer/Songwriter Ashli Cheshire

For this week’s Women to Watch Wednesday, Eileen interviewed Ashli Cheshire, the lead vocalist/songwriter/rhythm guitarist of Cheshi, a Frederick, Maryland (USA)-based dark folk band. Eileen talked to Ashli about her political lyricism, what it was like recording her first EP, and how her music can be the catalyst for social change.