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On Bras, Bathing Suits, and Basic Human Rights

One of my fondest imaginings of my mother, Susanna, is of her marching down the high street in a pair of clunky Dr. Martin boots and a whimsy floral dress, with her yellow hair wild down her back. Another story I’ve been told is how she once dyed her hair one-half red, one-half green when she was around fifteen. As I discovered my independent sense of style during my teenage years, I was inspired on a foundation level by my mother’s don’t-give-a-damn attitude. I chose not to give a damn either, and despite the natural self-consciousness of being a young…

Letters to June // 03

Throughout the month of June Boshemia will be publishing letters addressed to the most romantic month of the year. This letter is from long-time contributor Elisha Kiriel. ______________________________________________ Dear June,        Your beginning has met the tail-end of an era that, at one point in my life, I hoped I would never have to leave behind. You have brought me challenges that remind me of the exponential strength of human will. You have taught me lessons in patience, autonomy, and self-love. You have brought me a newly burgeoning sense of identity. Most importantly, you have kept me company in a place I can…

Letters to June // 01

Throughout the month of June Boshemia will be publishing letters addressed to the most romantic month of the year. _________________________________________________ Dear June, It seems scarcely any time has passed since you were last here, yet here you are. Each year you seem to come around more quickly than the last — you are not unwelcome, mind, it just impresses in me the sense that time, that cantankerous knave who none can evade, is mercilessly rolling on at gathering pace.

Hot Dating Tips for the Completely Undateable || A Poem

A spoken word poem by Boshemia regular Taylor Wear.  Taylor is a writer, a bruncher, and a young lover of old things. She will order whiskey and you’re allowed to think she’s doing it to impress you. Her favorite book and favorite shade of lipstick are both Lolita, a fabulous little coincidence. This poem first appeared here. HOT DATING TIPS FOR THE COMPLETELY FUCKING UNDATEABLE when he tells you his favorite drink is an old fashioned, smile politely. allow him to think that he is suave, interesting, the millennial Don Draper. do not say oh that’s what my grandma orders.

Vignettes of Lovers in Summer

In the spirit of autumn’s leaves turning and all things sentimental in this season, Eileen shares a farewell to summers and lovers gone by in a collection of poems called Vignettes of Lovers in Summer.

So Long, Summer: A Boshemia Review.

As the first autumnal leaves begin to tumble and the humidity of summer rolls out, we at Boshemia thought that now would be the perfect time to pause and take a second to mull it all over, wondering what it all meant. The past few months have been an incredibly busy time both in front of and behind the scenes at Boshemia HQ. Q & L’s visit to see E in the USA back in June was a big landmark in the Bo-calendar, and this season has also seen the launch of our new Women to Watch Wednesday series; reviews on pop culture and…