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The ‘Incomplete’ Family: A Short Symposium

Boshemia columnist Ropa is in conversation with her two housemates about their experiences of growing up in single-parent households.

Isabel sips her hot chocolate while Diana eats toast.

‘Are you gonna use our names in it then?’ Diana asks.

‘I’ll use different names.’ I reassure her.

I place the recorder in the middle of us and the comfortable atmosphere morphs into an anxious silence. Isabel puts down her hot chocolate. She squirms in her seat, cheeks flushing. Diana becomes stern, her features fixating into still positions. I’ve known these girls and lived with them for three years now, but as soon as I put the recorder down a wall is built between me and them. As common as this is in modern society, its effects on us personally are something we rarely discuss as adults. Isabel makes a joke to lighten the awkward tension. She was always one to keep the room pleased. Continue reading

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Raising a Feminist // the Guilt of Solo Motherhood

Boshemia regular Elisha Pidcock’s latest instalment of her feminist parenting column, Raising a Feminist.

“I am the worst mom ever,” I think to myself as my child cries at the dinner table over her uneaten Spider Man Spaghetti-O’s, pleading with me to let her sit in front of the tv while she eats.

It has been a long day between working two part-time jobs and planning for my upcoming Ethological Research project at Uni. I feel very alone and lost in this moment. I think that motherhood is increasingly difficult, that doing it alone makes it even more difficult, and that I just want to give the best life possible to my child; but in this moment the best seems like a magical concept that is unattainable.

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