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Toots & Boots // Last Week in the World

Here again to share what got Boshemia’s passions and frustrations flowing last week, it’s our pop culture toots and boots! TOOTS 🎉 New York Magazine‘s cover of Parkland survivor Anthony Borges New York Magazine featured survivors from school shootings from 1946 to 2018 in their latest issue. Anthony (pictured on the cover) saved the lives…

A Self-Care Approach to Mental Health Isolation

by Kelly Ronaldson. Photo by Naomi August. This time last year, I was halfway through my first year of university, living in the heart of my favourite city, and on my way to securing my dream career. Things weren’t perfect, but I had an incredible group of friends, a revitalised love for writing and a…

Blue Monday Blues || How to Beat Them.

Today is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. I mean you can see why: Christmas and New Year festivities are well and truly over; you’ve probably already broken your new year’s resolutions; you’re broke from aforementioned festivities and payday is still two weeks away; Summer seems like it might never come; and January weather is bleak AF up here in the Northern Hemisphere (sob sob). Here are our top suggestions of little things you can do to bring a ray of happiness and light into your Blue Monday.

Self-Care Guide for Nasty Women

Are you feeling exhausted in the aftermath of the recent election nightmare? Got the mean reds? Wondering how to cope now that life has pulled a Trump card? [Yikes.] We hear you. The girls at Boshemia got together this week to come up with our self-care guide to surviving the next four years of political dread.