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Manila Luzon’s Period Queen Gown is Not About Taste

Hey Kitty Gurls! Who’s watching RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4? So far, no major complaints. It’s already miles better than All Stars 3, and hopefully, it’ll keep up the momentum. Continue reading

Personal Essay

On Apology & Bleeding

 It has taken me some two decades of cognizant selfhood (I’m 23, and assuming my “selfhood” began somewhere in toddlerdom), and I have finally realized that it is time I have stopped apologizing.

I am speaking to the cultural phenomena of women —myself included— endlessly striving to accommodate others and apologize for making anyone uncomfortable in their wake. Women in the western world are tirelessly cultured to make others comfortable at their own expense. In this devoted cultural accommodation, women diminish and degrade themselves in a social and physical sense. Some key features of this accommodation include censorship of personal opinion, too much negotiation and compromise, unnecessary apology, and adherence to societal pressures of body image and beauty standards.

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