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Beyond Words // the Language of Otherness

Guest post by Juliette Rapp. Juliette is an American post-grad gone rogue who moved to Rome last year in search of “something to write about.” She hopes to one day move to a small village in a seaside cliff, become a recluse, and write taunting letters to her student loan providers. In her free verse, she writes about navigating the lexical gap between bilingual lovers, at once made Other by their cultures and the emotional residue they bring to each other. We have just finished making love. I am lying in your bed, vaguely aware of the differences in our consciousness.…

Hot Dating Tips for the Completely Undateable || A Poem

A spoken word poem by Boshemia regular Taylor Wear.  Taylor is a writer, a bruncher, and a young lover of old things. She will order whiskey and you’re allowed to think she’s doing it to impress you. Her favorite book and favorite shade of lipstick are both Lolita, a fabulous little coincidence. This poem first appeared here. HOT DATING TIPS FOR THE COMPLETELY FUCKING UNDATEABLE when he tells you his favorite drink is an old fashioned, smile politely. allow him to think that he is suave, interesting, the millennial Don Draper. do not say oh that’s what my grandma orders.

Vignettes of Lovers in Summer

In the spirit of autumn’s leaves turning and all things sentimental in this season, Eileen shares a farewell to summers and lovers gone by in a collection of poems called Vignettes of Lovers in Summer.