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Crimes of Future Past

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Boshemia Recommends

We three at Boshemia wanted to bring you something a little different today. We have each chosen two things to recommend to you, our dear readers. We decided that the recommendations could be anything at all – experiences, places, books, movies, food; anything at all.

Here are a few of our favourite things:

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Historic trends and Supermodels || The Story of Elizabeth Siddal

Do you ever find yourself flicking through Instagram, or a magazine, or TV or any form of media ever and just thinking “I wish I looked like her.” Other people are just gorgeous aren’t they? Be it Kardashians, superheroes, supervillains, actresses, models and more, thanks to social media, it’s now easier than ever to compare yourself to others and try whatever fad is trending to get the look. Sucks being a millennial right? I bet they didn’t have to deal with this shit 200 years ago?

Nope. Turns out that throughout history women have been trying to “get the look,” often in dangerous ways. As someone who’s interested in medicine and health as well as fashion and beauty, the case of Elizabeth Siddal is simply fascinating.


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Badass Women in Literature You Never Knew Existed

Unless you studied English Lit any further than GCSE level (that’s high school for you readers across the pond), there’s a fairly good chance that if I asked you to name as many women writers as you could your list would look something like this:

Jane Austen; the Brontë sisters; J K Rowling.


If you’re lucky, maybe even add Harper Lee or Virginia Woolf to that list. Now what if I asked you to name male writers?

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