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Does the Perfect Gay Rom-Com Exist?

Boshemia columnist Alex Nolan is on a quest to find the perfect gay romcom.

I love classic romcoms. Give me every iteration of Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson you can and I’ll still eat it up. Those films are great because they make you feel good. Queer romances, however, tend to be on the depressing side. Someone dies or goes through something horrific, and while there’s a place for these stories, it can be a slog. So where are the fun light-hearted flicks? Do they exist? I’m gonna take a dive into Netflix/my catalogue of ancient DVDs and see whether I can dig up a good old gay movie that’s gonna make you smile.

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Yas Hunty // Unpacking Gay Culture with Tom & Alex

Friends of Boshemia and partners Tom Holmes and Alex Nolan unpack the toxic, tragic, fabulous and fierce aspects of gay pop culture.


I don’t like Madonna.

Sure, the odd song, such as Vogue’ and ‘Beautiful Stranger’ takes my fancy, but I certainly don’t “stan” her as a great deal of gay men do. While I feel that her contributions to gay culture and the world of music are certainly noteworthy, I think she is a bit of a lucky karaoke singer.

Some of you may be gasping, hand clutched to breast at the outrageousness of the above paragraph, but that is exactly what I want to address. I don’t like Madonna, and that’s alright. I don’t want you to stop liking her, nor do I believe that my views are clever, funny, “cool” or, indeed interesting. Despite that, many gay people must think that I do not fit in, am just trying to be non-conformist.

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Straight Outta Narnia // A Symposium on Coming Out

L interviewed her close friends on their experiences of coming out. “Straight Outta Narnia” appears in Boshemia Magazine: Issue 01 from June 2017. The ages of the interviewees have been updated to reflect the year which has lapsed between the original publication of this symposium. All other details remain unaltered. Photography by Sharon McCutcheon.

Somebody recently said to me:

“I don’t mind people being gay, but they should just keep it to themselves and do it privately. I don’t feel like they need to go around telling everyone about it”.

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Take Me To (Gay) Church // Queerness & Religion

Becca returns to Boshemia to share her thoughts on being bisexual in the Christian faith. B is a writer and MA Publishing student at Oxford Brookes. 


I am bisexual and I am a Christian. My faith revolves around a deep, individual relationship with God. When I’ve needed help and guidance, when I’ve been grateful, frightened, angry, joyful—in need of a chat at any hour and in any situation, I’ve spoken to God. I’ve felt His love and seen evidence of His power to save me. I chose to be confirmed aged 13 and I used to go to Church all the time, except I was usually in the back helping with a children’s arts and crafts group called Church Mice. As the children and I grew up, it gradually stopped running; more recently I’ve just been a few times a year, when I’ve been home from university and wanted to sit with a community who loved God as much as I did.

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