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New Year, New Congress

Behind the scenes look at Congress in 2019 by A. Image of Nancy Pelosi via People

Dear Reader,

New year, new Congress! On January 3, when the 116th Congress convenes, its first order of business as a body will be to elect its leaders. Now that Democrats have majority membership in the house, they’ll have the deciding factor in selecting the Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi, who served as Speaker from 2007-2011, and as Minority Leader from 2011-2019 (making her the highest-ranking female politician in the history of the United States so far), is the likely successor to Paul Ryan. This weekend, as I walked down the House corridors, I watched shop workers clearing out the leadership offices, readying them to be flipped. Apparently, they’re already preparing the Speaker’s office for Pelosi, despite the fact that she hasn’t been officially elected to the position yet. Continue reading