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The ‘Incomplete’ Family: A Short Symposium

Boshemia columnist Ropa is in conversation with her two housemates about their experiences of growing up in single-parent households. Isabel sips her hot chocolate while Diana eats toast. ‘Are you gonna use our names in it then?’ Diana asks. ‘I’ll use different names.’ I reassure her. I place the recorder in the middle of us…

One For the ’90s Kids || Anticipating Nostalgia

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” – F. Scott Fitzgerald You’ve seen the Facebook pages dedicated to them. You’ve seen high street brands ridiculously jump on the bandwagon and print cringeworthy t-shirts of oh-so-relatable slogans about them. You’ve heard (and probably made) the jokes about them. ‘90s kids’: totally and utterly obsessed with nostalgia for their birth or childhood decade. Why? Why are those darn millennials always harping on about the past? I can certainly hazard some guesses.

On Motherhood, Marriage, and the Metaphysical

This article, by Elisha Kiriel Carter, is the first in our guest writers series.  — When I was child of about eleven or twelve, deep in the throes of the excruciatingly awkward phase now deemed “tween,” I was staying with a family friend who was pregnant with her second child. I had grown accustomed to staying with Julie and helping her keep her two year old daughter occupied. One evening, Julie, sitting next to me on her sofa, turned to me with a very somber expression. She then lifted the shirt covering her bourgeoning belly to reveal a large amount of creeping blue veins and stretch marks. She…