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Notes on Regaining Autonomy: Part III

Elisha (P) returns to her poetry-prose installment, Notes on Regaining Autonomy. Take a moment to reflect on where you were a year ago; how vastly different your life is now, how vastly different you are now, how immense the gulf between then and now seems. Remember how you felt as though you would surely drown…

Notes on Regaining Autonomy II // Loss and Loneliness

Boshemia staff Elisha writes from her very core in the second installment of “Notes on Regaining Autonomy“. ___________________________________________________________________ The passing of time is a strange and powerful entity. The proverbial saying is that time heals all wounds. But what time masterfully produces in equal part, Is the culling of experiences: A “collected works” comprised of joy, struggle, learning, love, and loss.

Rosemary’s Baby, Reproductive Rights & Every Day Female Horrors || Halloween Week

Remember how in our last joint post, I said that I’d be making a more conscious effort to not consume media by dickheads? Yeah sorry, today we’re going to be talking about Rosemary’s Baby, directed by certified rapist Roman Polanski. Sorry guys. Spoilers ahoy! (But it was released in 1968 and is one of the most famous movies ever. Get with it.) Rosemary’s Baby is one of the most chilling horror movies of the 20th Century. Mia Farrow excels as Rosemary, a young woman who moves into a swish New York apartment with her husband Guy (John Cassavetes). As nice…