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Growing Up Poor

I grew up very poor.

Saying that feels like ‘coming out’ as poor. It’s a hard thing to admit, and an even harder thing to own. It’s only really been in the past couple of years that I have fully recognised and accepted my identity as ‘working class’, and being ‘from a poor family’. Every time I talk about growing up poor I feel horrendously guilty and ungrateful, as though I am insulting and criticising my parents by acknowledging it—but that’s part of the whole problem.

fam sepia

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So Long, Summer: A Boshemia Review.

As the first autumnal leaves begin to tumble and the humidity of summer rolls out, we at Boshemia thought that now would be the perfect time to pause and take a second to mull it all over, wondering what it all meant.

The past few months have been an incredibly busy time both in front of and behind the scenes at Boshemia HQ. Q & L’s visit to see E in the USA back in June was a big landmark in the Bo-calendar, and this season has also seen the launch of our new Women to Watch Wednesday series; reviews on pop culture and politics; no fewer than seven guest articles; and behind the scenes, two job scores and one impressive placement in South Africa.

By way of review we crafted a couple of questions for each other to reflect on Summer of 2016.


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Romanticising Infidelity in ‘Last Night’.

     When you think of the act of cheating on someone, you would typically think of sex or physical acts of intimacy with somebody who is not your significant other. Even the dictionary definition of “to cheat” is “to be sexually unfaithful”. But what about infidelity in an emotional sense? Is it not worse to discover that your partner has real and invested feelings or interest in another person, although not physically acted upon? Is that scenario, more personal and intimate, better or worse than a meaningless one-off sexual encounter? Which is a worse betrayal? And are either of these possibilities morally superior to one another? All of these questions are asked and left open for answers in Massy Tadjedin’s 2010 film Last Night, starring Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington. This film is not plot driven; rather, it explores an idea in the abstract, with the characters merely existing to illustrate. It excels in asking us to consider ourselves and our own responses to the situations that arise.


Alex & Joanna

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De-sexualising Female Nudity in Reykjavik

     On my recent trip to Iceland’s capital city I was unexpectedly confronted with a room full of naked females. No, I was not in a strip club and I hadn’t walked into the wrong place by accident. This was in the shower and locker room at Nauthólsvík, a geothermal beach located a couple of miles outside Reykjavik’s city centre, and I later learned that it was perfectly standard practice.


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A Letter to my 18-year-old Self // Vol. 1

Dear Me,

me 2012Where you are, it’s 2012. The world you’re in is only marginally different from the world I’m in, save for four years’ worth of human life and death, of climate change and social change, of technological advance and economic ebbing and flowing. There are different terrorists on the news and the same crooked politicians in parliament. Some things don’t change.

  In world terms, four years is a fairly insignificant length of time. In our world, four years has seen the total upheaval of everything you knew. Every aspect of your life in 2012 is about to get picked up, jumbled around and reassembled again with different pieces. Right now you are nearing the end of your A-Levels. You’re looking forward to going to uni in September. You’re also wasting a lot of time and effort on a person who ultimately won’t be worth it. They’ll teach you some valuable lessons, but try not to make the mistake I did of not knowing when enough is enough, of not having the guts to cut ties when they most definitely need cutting. You will be a lot better off for it.

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Get to Know Boshemia

Boshemia launched a month ago, and in light of our first month anniversary, the staff at Boshemia wanted to share with our readers a little Q & A. Read on to discover our feminist influences, ongoing projects, and more. 

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Boshemia Recommends

We three at Boshemia wanted to bring you something a little different today. We have each chosen two things to recommend to you, our dear readers. We decided that the recommendations could be anything at all – experiences, places, books, movies, food; anything at all.

Here are a few of our favourite things:

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