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Art + Feminism // Wikipedia, Representation & Art

Can you name five women artists? Off the top of your head, no Googling or asking a friend. Put that smartphone away, please. No cheating. Take a minute. It is okay if their names do not fly to the forefront of your mind immediately. I’ll wait. If you can name five women artists, go ahead and do something for me. Bring that phone back out and tweet, Instagram, or post to Facebook (or whatever social media platform you dig right now) their names using the hashtag #5womenartists. Challenge others to do the same. Toss the question into conversations. Surprise attack people with it. Try, “the service at this restaurant was great, but I wish the food had been better. By the way, can you name five women artists?” or “I love you, too, but can you name five women artists?” Continue reading

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Teaching The Future // Education Activism with Huw

Huw is a primary school teacher from Plymouth, UK, and has been teaching for almost 5 years. He is an educational activist and has recently become the Plymouth Branch Secretary for the ATL section of the National Education Union. We caught up with him to talk education activism, the National Curriculum, and arts and sex education in schools.

First of all, Happy Pride Month! Do you teach Pride to your students?

Happy Pride! Yes, I’m organising School Diversity Week at my school. This is a celebration of diversity (especially LGBTQ+) organised by the charity Just Like Us. I’ve been really pushing for this within school and now I’ve been given the freedom to lead on this and I’m taking full advantage! We have a number of events and workshops scheduled, including Drag Queen Story Time for the younger students! This aims to challenge gender norms as well as advocate being fabulous! We will be working with the older children to develop workshops around different relationships and gender identities based on what they feel is most needed. Passionate students are even organising a school pride festival.

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Sigalit Landau // Barbed Hula (2001)

Winding through the tourist scattered streets of Málaga on a Sunday afternoon, sun beating down on me, I headed to El Centre de Pompidou, a smaller branch of the world famous contemporary art gallery in Paris. Making my way through the gallery, I stumbled across many striking exhibits, such as ‘Self Portraits’ which featured feminist icon Frida Kahlo’s The Frame (1938), as well as a sincerely thought provoking exhibit, ‘The Man Without A Face’. However, it was the gallery’s segment for ‘The Political Body’ that struck my attention most. This is where I discovered Sigalit Landau, an incredible Israeli female artist who uses video, sculpting, installation and her own body to create political art. Her art was astounding, but her message was even better.


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Women to Watch: Tiffany Renee Thompson on Performance Activism in Black Lives Matter

E recently had the chance to catch-up with Tiffany Renee Thompson, NYC-based blactress and an emerging activist of the Black Lives Matter movement. Tiffany uses performance as her tool for social activism in New York City. She recently organized an off-Broadway fundraiser performance at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in the Lower East Side.


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images provided by Tiffany Renee Thompson

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