Meet Boshemia

E // Founder

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Eileen Elizabeth is a writer and digital media producer from Appalachia. Driven by the intersection of art and activism, her passion for connecting womxn and creating platforms for their work sparked Boshemia. Among other things, she writes about culture, gender, and place. Uber with her to the stars and she’ll immortalise you in poetry. 


Q // Founder


Sarah Q is a full-time doctor, occasional writer and perpetually The Most ™. She is inspired by drag, glamour, comedy, satire, calling out white nonsense and the concept of a genuinely good night’s sleep. When not hard at work, you can find her either at home in pyjamas binge eating Pringles and binge watching Drag Race, or out on the town at 5am wearing heels and (faux) fur and an abundance of sparkles. (There is no in-between.)


L // Founder

LSarah L is a Cher, wine and cat enthusiast who variously moonlights as an academic, content creator & Important Magazine Lady. Her work centres on themes of identity, failures of capitalism, reflection & healing, a fondness for the ocean, and the history of feminist publishing. She is driven by a need and desire to build communities and opportunities for womxn, nonbinary & queer folk.



RRopafadzo // Editorial Assistant

Ropafadzo Mugadza is a writer from London. She is fascinated with the human experience and believes that writing has and will always be a form of activism.