author: elisha, Bo-Arts, poetry

Vestigiality // the poetry of Elisha Pidcock

Elisha Pidcock is a neuroscience student and creative who writes about feminism, motherhood, and the metaphysical for Boshemia and Boshemia Magazine. Photography by Stefano Pollio.

Moving on
Is a notion I haven’t mastered.
I’ve spread myself between
All the people who have been close to my heart.

The pieces of myself which I have doled out happily
Have become like vestigial appendages,
Which once served a purpose crucial to my existence
But are now non-functional remnants;

Memories like noncoding DNA: pseudogenes
Present only as a testament
To the convergent evolution of my consciousness;
The way with which previous iterations of myself have been phased out over time;
Analogous functions which were left behind
As the rest of me grew
And for them no longer found use.

I have spent my life searching for pieces which make me feel whole,
Never knowing they were always within me.
Moving on means surgery;
The amputation of my vestigialities.

But the pieces of myself which I have doled out happily
Will still be
Phantom limbs

Read more of Elisha’s work in Boshemia Magazine.

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