Author: Sarah L, Letters to June

Letters to June // 01

Throughout the month of June Boshemia will be publishing letters addressed to the most romantic month of the year.


Dear June,

It seems scarcely any time has passed since you were last here, yet here you are. Each year you seem to come around more quickly than the last — you are not unwelcome, mind, it just impresses in me the sense that time, that cantankerous knave who none can evade, is mercilessly rolling on at gathering pace.


Now that you’re here I will feel warmth in my bones and revel in that distinct balmy evening ambiance which only you bring. My little corner of England will come alive with people and movement and light and colour.

June, you always bring exciting things. Your month always seems restless and quivering on the precipice of some adventure or another: last year it was a trip to reunite the Boshemia babes; the years previous it was the start of a stretch of leisurely time off in the sunshine; this year it’s the debut release of BOSHEMIA MAGAZINE. The fruits of the labour of women across the globe will finally be released to the world — it feels as precious as a child. It represents so much for so many peoemily_davison_portraitple. It feels as though everything until now has been building towards this moment.

For UK Boshemians, you also bring an election. It’s a time of high emotion, high stakes, high tempers. For women there is an added layer of poignancy; the election falls on 8th June, 104 years after the death of women’s suffrage campaigner Emily Wilding Davison, who famously threw herself in front of the King’s horse in a final act of protest. The act of voting, the act of exercising our right to have our voices heard in Westminster, will be a fine gesture to her and the cause she died for.

June, you are beautiful and serene. You signal the start of the good days, the carefree hazy summertime, the smell of the outdoors. You are bittersweet and romantic, you are wonderful and blue-coloured. I’m fervently looking forward to our yearly frolic and to seeing what adventures unfurl within your moon.

Love L xx



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