Bo-Arts || Woman of the Year (Part 2)

Bo-Arts is a bi-weekly art/literature initiative. Twice a month,  Boshemia will share creative writing and visual art submissions from our readers and folks who identify as feminist to give a larger audience to emerging creatives. Our goal is to provide a platform for feminist artists to share and discuss their work.

This issue of Bo-Arts, Woman of the Year: Part 2, is the second installment of the poem-and-photography collaborations brought to you by a duo from Frederick, Maryland, USA.  Anna See-Jachowski is a poet and feminist thrilled to be working with Boshemia. Anna, her partner Matt, and their four cats live in Frederick. Emily Jessee is a young feminist creative who uses platforms like photography to portray the harshness and vulnerability of the world around her.

Artist’s Statement – from Anna
 These poems are part of a series I plan to self-publish this year, titled Woman of the Year. Each poem represents a period in a young artist’s life in which they find love, a muse, and desperately seek the meaning of that experience. The five poems are a taste of what the series will offer, and explore the deadly combination of desperation and anger felt when a lover leaves;  the lovely vulnerability of falling asleep around people you love; the ritual of hedonism in summertime; and finally, the artist’s banishment of her muse for the sake of her own recovery from trauma. Read more of Anna’s artist’s statement here.

photography by Emily Jessee

“to sleep” 

IMG_3153 2.JPG


i can hear your


not a word

you say


that thick, fuzzy orb

which surrounds

in unparalleled softness.


even to your stories,

it encircles me,

and all the space around,

which i claim with

subtle, slumbery grasps

at nothing.


now i can’t

find the gap

between where a half-remembered dream

left off,

and where your voice,

like a lighthouse or my father’s,


you’re telling tales of

indian childhoods and

painful bathroom floor mornings.

i can smell the

sunlight, but

i feel luna

on the breath of

your whiskey speech

and his (our lad’s)

smokey, awe-laden confirmations

of a mystic, shared thought.

the wine drew me in

a few nights later, but

this time,

i didn’t move an inch.

rather, i rolled myself

up in your laundry

on the loveseat,

and when you both

carried me to bed,

(my sweet boys)

you each took a


to watch.

i like to think

that, silently,

you didn’t just

gaze like men do.

instead you kissed me with


(your babe)

and you each

fell a little


and also not at all.





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